June 19, 2006

Annecy observationals.

Annecy, it seemed hotter than ever and that hill to the campsite has been made steeper I swear.
Met lots of interesting people, including the local drunks who weren't the charming sort.

The festival was very inspirational as always, and here's just a couple of drawings for now. More left-handed drawing with simultaneous inkwash goings-on. I seem to be drawing with my left hand more frequently of late.

Film Poster

coming soon...

May 21, 2006

life drawings

still on the subject of portfolio's, -some life drawings. #1 Dip-pen & Ink, plus a couple of charcoal pencil ones.

#2 DP&I, drawn with left hand, tone applied
simultaneously with right.

All 1-2 minute poses.


Portfolio time! Here's some bits and bobs from the sketchbook.