October 03, 2007

August 11, 2007

SkunkFu site is Live!

Oh yes! The joys of skunk can now be seen online at skunkfu.tv
Site designed by Director Aidan Harte, implimented with my own bare hands.

August 02, 2007

Skunk Fu!

COLOUR! Well blow me down.
This little lot are some of the backgrounds I did whilst working at the Saloon.
The blue one was done in Flash from a layout by the lofty gent Gord McBride. The rest are photoshop jobbies for an episode with an alternative style to the rest of the series (praise be to Jesse!). -Said episode will air in January 2008.

The first 26 episodes of Skunk Fu! are currently airing weekdays at 3.45/3.50 on BBC1 (began Monday 9th July 2007) plus Saturdays at 5pm on CBBC (began Saturday 14th July 2007).

July 12, 2007

Life studies

We were lucky to have a decent model to draw in deepest darkest Ireland - Thanks again to Anna for the great poses!