May 05, 2010

It Hugs Back - music video

Over a year has gone by and I thought I'd lost these photo's after the death of a computer; for a freezing cold production set in the old Book Barn in Paintworks, Bristol. An amazing place, disused for a few years with mountainous book piles it looked post-apocalyptic. We worked for I think 5 days averaging possibly 18 hours or more a day towards the end. We were so careful at the beginning when placing the blocks, balancing them for the smoothest motion... by the time we took the last shot (which I think is the 3rd in the video) we were exhausted; I think we booted some into place. It was practically a 24 hour straight run with temperatures hanging at around -1 degrees. Martin Davies' direction came down to almost incoherent sentences but he'd got us working so well together it didn't matter.

A brilliant time was had, countless cheese and pickle sandwiches and cups of tea were consumed. Even a first edition marvel comic was found.

Here's a link to the video "Now + Again";
and a few photo's from the production: